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What are the system requirements?

Windows 10 or higher

64-bit capable CPU

DirectX 11 capable GPU

Minimum 2GB of RAM

Are there any plans for a Mac port?

Not at this time, but maybe in the future.

Do I have to purchase the updates separately?

No, once you've purchased Armorsmith once you won't need to purchase it again.

What model formats does Armorsmith support?

Armorsmith supports OBJ, STL, and PDO model files. Support can be added for additional formats if there is enough interest.

Help, I've created my Avatar but now there's a black screen!

This seems to be caused by entering a bad measurement when setting up the avatar. If you choose Avatar->Reset Avatar and then reset Armorsmith Designer the problem will be gone.

Is this a standalone program or will I also need Pepakura Designer?

Armorsmith is a completely stand alone piece of software. You wont need any other programs for pattern generation.

I've installed but now I'm getting a DLL error, what do I do?

This means there was an issue with the installation process, either the DirectX or Visual C Runtime dll's were not installed.

Try running the following:
C:\Program Files\Armorsmith Designer\System\VC_redist_x64_2022.exe

How do I update the program?

You can select Check For Updates from the Help dropdown menu. Or alternatively you can login to with the login credentials you setup when purchasing.

I don't see the Property Grid in the UI?

There was a bug in a recent update which caused the property grid to become hidden for new users. From the menu bar choose:

Windows->Property Grid to make it visible again.

I've lost my serial number, where can I find it?


You can login to with the login credentials you setup when purchasing. Once logged in you should be able to find your serial number under Armorsmith in your purchases.

What should I do if the program crashes?

Make sure to submit your crash logs if prompted. If not prompted with a crash log submission then please email

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