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Camera Controls in Armorsmith

This quick tutorial is going to run you through all the basic camera controls and view options in Armorsmith Designer.

We'll start off with the basics. To move the camera around the scene, also known as panning , hold down the middle mouse button and move the mouse. You can also use the arrow keys on the keyboard to pan the camera.

To rotate the camera around, hold down the alt key and the middle mouse button and move the mouse around. Or on the keyboard hold alt and use the arrow keys to rotate.

To zoom in, scroll your mouse wheel up or down. Or alternatively you can hold ctrl and use the up and down keys on the keyboard.

You can Double Click on any piece to zoom into that part. That also changes the camera focus point so all of the rotations and zooming are based on the center of that piece.

Press 'Z' on the keyboard to also zoom in on the selected part. Pressing Shift-Z zooms out on the entire scene.

On the Unfold Tab, controls are very similar with just panning and zoom being available for navigating the 2d scene.

There's also pre-defined camera views you can use via the View Menu, Select View->Set Camera and you can choose between Front, Back, Left, Right, Top, and Bottom

Another useful mode is the demo mode. This was added for users who might be streaming a costume build on a streaming platform like YouTube or twitch. In this mode the camera just rotates around the costume at a fixed rate. You can set the background color to use for color keying the background out, as well as set how fast the costume is rotating. These can both be found under Settings->Preferences.

The last thing to look at with the View menu is how you can switch out the background. If you choose View->Change Background you can swap out the background. This is great if you're posing your costume( which we'll discuss in a future video ) or maybe you just want something less distracting behind the avatar while you work. You can then disable the background simply by choosing View->Reset Background

That's it for this tutorial keep an eye out for the next video in the series where we'll cover the transform controls.

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