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Getting Started With Armorsmith

Hey guys, this is the first in a series of basic tutorials for getting up and running in Armorsmith.

The first thing we'll cover is importing a file. This is how you bring in a model that you would like to scale or unfold. There are a few different ways you can do this. You can select File->Import from the main menu. Or you can click the import button on the right of the screen in the Workspace panel.

You will be prompted to select the model you'd like to import. Armorsmith supports OBJ, STL, and PDO files. You can select either a single model. Or you can select multiple models. This can be useful if you have a model broken up into multiple parts as you can bring it in as a group of connected parts, or you can leave them as individual pieces.

Once you have your piece you can attach it to the model by selecting Attach from the workspace panel and then selecting where on the model you would like to attach it. From here you can translate/rotate/scale the model we'll cover that in a future video.

If you can't find a file you need, try the search online feature. Simply type in what you're looking for and hit search. Select the file you want by hitting the download button and it will show up in your workspace.

You can also delete files if you don't want them in your Workspace. Simply highlight the file you don't want in the workspace anymore and press the delete button.

When you're ready you can save your costume. Choose File->Save, this saves out all the models as well as their scale and where they're attached to the model. This doesn't save your avatar though, the avatar's must be saved separately.

Now once you're models are ready to be exported if you're 3d printing, right click on the 3d model and choose export. If it's a group of models you'll be presented with the option of which model you would like to export.

If you're going to be printing out the patterns for building out of paper/foam you can select the pattern tab to make sure you're happy with the orientation of the patterns. We'll go more in depth into editing these patterns in a future video. When you're ready choose File->Print to print out the patterns. If you need to print out the patterns at a print shop you can choose to print to jpeg to save out the prints as a series of images.

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