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W.I.P. 3D Workbench

I came across an amazing tool the other day called The Asset Forge. It's a game development tool that simplifies the modelling process. It comes with different themed building blocks that allows users to build things like buildings, cars, planes, etc. Which they can then import and use for game development. I thought to myself what a great concept that could translate over so well to Cosplay.

So over the last few weeks I've been prototyping up a set of building blocks and building different helmets using the pieces. The initial three themes I came up with were Superheroes, Mecha, and Medieval. I've in tandem been working on some new tech in Armorsmith to allow loading up these multiple pieces and building up new models using them. The idea being that you start with a base and then build up detail on top of that. All the parts are pre-unfolded so the final unfolds will be an amalgamation of all the patterns. I plan on running a hidden surface removal function on everything so if you have parts pushed inside each other it will remove the unnecessary patterns. The great thing about this feature is that there was a lot of other preliminary work I had to do to get it working which can be transferred to other features people have been waiting for. The three big ones being Multi-Select, Grouping, and Lattice Deformation. I hope to have Multi-Select rolled out by the end of next week and Grouping soon after. For those wondering, Lattice Deformation is scaling based on a lattice so you can scale different parts of the costume, for example thinning out the bottom of a piece to get a better fit. I'm hoping to roll out the finished 3D Workbench feature sometime near the end of August, just in time for Halloween builds.

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Hi, what's the status on this?

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