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Create your own fully customizable avatar. Your own custom designs can fit any body type and size!

Not a modeler? Not a problem!

The Armored Store has many costumes available. Stay tuned for new exciting costumes.

Armorsmith has a large community of fellow cosplayers, who are always willing to offer advice and help to new users!

Check out our patreon site for downloads, concept art, behind the scenes footage and a  free download just for visiting!

Armorsmith Designer

Have you ever wanted to build a costume? Didn't know where to start?  Armorsmith is a tool for designing and constructing costumes. Armorsmith makes it easy. Easily create and customize an avatar and begin the process of attaching your 3d model costume parts. When you're ready, turn your 3d costume parts into patterns. Just print those patterns and get smithing in the medium of your choice!

The customizable avatar allows users to create a virtual representation of themselves with which they can attach their costume pieces to. This makes scaling parts so much easier, allowing the user to see exactly how the parts will fit before building.

Import all of your costume parts for a perfect fit. 

Snap the part to the Avatar and then simply translate, rotate, and scale your costume part to make sure your part is ready for construction

Take your 3d models and generate patterns to build your costumes out of paper, foam, fabric, or any material.

Load PDO files have the patterns ready for you to print and assemble. Just scale them to fit, and you're ready to build your costume! 




Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements?

Windows 7 or higher

64-bit capable CPU

Shader Model 2.0+ capable GPU

Minimum 512 MB of RAM

Are there any plans for a Mac port?

Not at this time, but maybe in the future.

Do I have to purchase the updates separately?

No, once you've purchased Armorsmith once you won't need to purchase it again.

What model formats does Armorsmith support?

Armorsmith supports OBJ, STL, and PDO model files. Support can be added for additional formats if there is enough interest.

Is this a standalone program or will I also need Pepakura Designer?

Armorsmith is a completely stand alone piece of software. You wont need any other programs for pattern generation.

I've installed but now I'm getting a DLL error, what do I do?

This means there was an issue with the installation process, either the DirectX or Visual C Runtime dll's were not installed. If the issue is 

How do I update the program

You can select Check For Updates from the Help dropdown menu. Or alternatively you can login to www.gumroad.com with the login credentials you setup when purchasing.

What should I do if the program crashes?

Make sure to submit your crash logs if prompted. If not prompted with a crash log submission then please email TheArmoredGarage@gmail.com


Who We Are

The Armored Garage was founded in 2014 as an outlet for our costume building hobby. We've been building costumes for close to 20 years and we're driven to take all that knowledge and experience and channel it into a product that's useful for everyone in the Cosplay community.