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New Movement Tool

Hey Armorsmithers, The focus of the latest update is on the new movement tool. The goal was to make something that was easier to use as well as more functional. The previous tool had limited places you could click on it and was also limited to individual axiis.

You can now click anywhere on an axis to move a part around, not just the cube on the end. It also adds 3 squares down near the center of the tool. By clicking on any of the squares you can then move the object in two directions. The two directions you can move correspond to the two axis that the square is touching. The gizmo is now a fixed size as well which should make moving things around easier if you're zoomed in close or too far away.

Another thing to keep in mind is the ability to switch between local and world space for transforming objects. By default x,y,z correspond to the direction of the bone that the part is attached to. If you change the transform from local to world then x,y,z will now correspond to the world directions with x being horizontal, y being vertical, and z moving in depth.

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